Hello! I’m Emma Walker and I love books.

I have always been an avid reader  and I have found comfort and inspiration in the 1554394_10152758718107064_3829147576223841801_n (2)many, many different worlds I have come across in literature. After completing my English Literature degree at the University of Roehampton, I went back after a year of working to study for my Masters in Children’s Literature. Roehampton is home to the National Centre for Research into Children’s Literature and I was surrounded with the best lecturers and fellows in the field. I was lucky enough to even have a masterclass with the one and only Jacqueline Wilson (totally star-struck). During this year, the world of literature seemed to open up in a way it never had before and I left feeling as if I had only just scratched the surface.

10612907_10152203607052064_9091608947682221322_nI have since started a career in Advertising but my mind still comes up with essay titles, catchy one liner’s for book reviews and potential plots for that book I will write someday. I still hope that one day I will be paid to do what I love which is anything in the world of literature. But until that day comes, I decided I needed an outlet, and this is it! My main interests remain within Children’s and Young Adult literature and this is what the blog will revolve around. Everything from a subversive picture book, to a traditional fairy tale, right through to an apocalyptic teen trilogy captures my imagination. So, you should expect to find…

  • A very obvious love for children’s and YA literature
  • One too many book reviews
  • Recommendations of other blogs / sites / points of interest
  • General musings
  • An academic post now and again
  • The odd Harry Potter post (many guaranteed Harry Potter posts)
  • And a few more book reviews…

So, grab yourself a cup of tea & happy reading!

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Pssst… for any Harry Potter fans out there, take a look at my other blog which is dedicated to looking at representations of food and drink in the Harry Potter series.


3 thoughts on “Myself

  1. Hi Emma! Thanks for following my blog. Sorry it took me a while to come check out your site–I’m just about to move from London to the US and things have been a little hectic! But I’m looking forward to reading your reviews in the future. Your thesis sounds really interesting and I kind of want to read it. Is that weird? 😉

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