Harry Potter Illustrated Editions


Any Potterhead will tell you just how excited they are for the 6th October 2015… Why is that you ask? Because Bloomsbury are releasing the first illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, and it’s a pretty big deal…

Jim Kay, Jonny Duddle and Andrew Davidson have been worked on bringing the first novel to life through illustrations. This will be the first ever fully illustrated edition of the novel and it proves that there is new life left in the franchise yet! There are two types of editions up for grabs; the standard illustrated edition and a deluxe edition. So, what’s the difference?

For £27, the standard edition will get you a full colour hardback version of the first novel. The edition will be fully illustrated and bring to life another version of Har9781408871874_309621ry and the magical world. However, you get something a little more special with the deluxe version. For an eye-watering £135 you can get your hands on the collector’s edition. It features a pull-out page size gatefold of Diagon Alley, along with a real cloth cover and slipcase. It has head and tail bands, ribbon markers and gilt edges. It’s the ultimate new edition for fanatics and it looks like it does justify it’s price tag.

Some images have been released prior to the publication date which show just how much thought and care has gone into these new editions. The power of Harry Potter shows no signs of dying down. Now that the film franchise has come to an end, it seems only logical to return back to the novels and to breathe some fresh life into them.

If you pre-order via the official Bloomsbury website you will receive a free Tote bag which will make carrying your new edition round with you much easier!

So Potterheads, get pre-ordering and do not miss this. Accio illustrated edition!


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