YALC – Malorie Blackman

Yesterday was the biggest day yet of the YALC section at London Film and Comic Con in London. It took over a large section of Olympia, and held in store many delights for those lucky enough to nab a ticket. I will be reviewing the day later in the week and providing overviews of some of the discussions held by the panels, but for now I just want to focus on Malorie Blackman…

I waited in line for the first book signing at 11.15am for Malorie. MYALCy sister patiently held my bags as I got out my extensive stack of books – (surprise, surprise!) Firstly, let me just say that Malorie is my biggest literary idol and so I had high expectations but she surpassed them all! She was very enthusiastic and genuinely interested in what I had to say. Although there was a growing line of fans behind me I didn’t feel like she was trying to move me on at all.

I first read Noughts and Crosses when I was 12 and took along my very first copy which has now lost it’s binding. Malorie laughed and commented on how well signing twoloved this copy must be, and I told her that this was the novel that really got me into reading. Whilst she must have heard this a million times, she seemed really chuffed that this was the case. She then spotted my two dissertations in the pile and asked me all about them. After chatting about the different topics I was interested in she then said she would like to read my MA dissertation. (You will be pleased to know I kept it cool and didn’t pass out then and there!) I shakily wrote down my email to give to her assistant so that I could email her a copy, and asked if she could sign the title page. Malorie was hesitant to sign as she didn’t want to spoil it, but I was adamant if it wasn’t for her I would never have got this far! I asked her if she was pleased with the new graphic novel adaptation of Noughts and Crosses and she said she really was and agreed it was a great idea. We had a few pictures together and then I collected all my books wondering if all of that had really happened!

So, as far as book signings with your literary idols go this was hard to beat. I am now checking my email every 2 minutes and hoping that we will become pen-pals / best friends… Fingers crossed!

signing malorie
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